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Asphalt plant

Odjel Prodaje

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The asphalt plant is located 3 km from Laktaši, on Laktaši – Srbac trunk road. Niskogradnja has an asphalt plant Nugorocchietti and asphalt plant Marini. The process of production of asphalt is fully automated, so that the whole production process is monitored on the control board and computer, from the selection of the asphalt mix formula (drying the fractions, dosing, heating up the system) up to the final product.

The capacity of asphalt production in these plants is 110 and 60 t/h, respectively. Asphalt plant is fully automated so that this whole process can be monitored on a computer.

The separated cages are filled with the material that was ground and that is heated up to 180 degrees Celsius and dosed according to the asphalt mix formula. It is then mixed with bitumen and the filler that are heated to 170 degrees Celsius.

Mixed in that way, in a mixer of 1440 kg of capacity, they produce the asphalt mass. As part of the plant, below the mixer, there are two silos that are heated for storage of asphalt mass, with the capacity of 50 t each. The plants have two bitumen tanks, 40 m3 each, and one for fuel oil of 40 m3 which serves for keeping the temperature of bitumen and heating the mentioned fractions.

The quality of asphalt as well as of the entire production process is tested and certified by IMK Banja Luka. We also perform these tests in our own laboratory that is within the plant Ada and equipped with the state-of-the art equipment that complies with all ISO 9001-2000 standards.