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Social responsibility

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Socially responsible business is regarded by Company Niskogradnja as something that is normal and that should be generally accepted. Since 1990, i.e. since its foundation, Niskogradnja has operated and managed in a socially responsible manner, by applying the moral principles in everyday work and behaviour in the society, taking care of the quality of workplaces and investing in the education of the young people who were later employed in the company.

By creating and providing new jobs and by hiring staff, Niskogradnja has made an influence on improvement of standard of the society in which we live, at the same time creating human capital, working conditions, positive atmosphere and good relations between employees. Another good thing done by our company is to offer help to the young people to get a job after finishing school or university, by ensuring internship; in this way our company participated in employment strategy.

Among other things, Niskogradnja pays attention to and participates in investing in and sponsorship for the development of sport – a proof for that is provided by FC Borac, TC Borac, FC Laktaši, ...

ISO Standard Certificate that Niskogradnja has is one more evidence that our company provides the products and services of top quality, creating positive conditions for the development of economy in general. The quality of business operation and focus on the consumers are the priority.

On the other hand, Niskogradnja as a company depends on the health condition of its workforce, so that special attention is paid to the health of employees and to safety at work, which is regulated by rules and mandatory measures.

In Niskogradnja there are equal conditions for promotion of both men and women workers, without discrimination when it comes to hiring minorities, elderly people, people who were unemployed for long time periods, or national minorities.

Respecting the maternity leave for pregnant ladies and young mothers is a very important fact that we wish to especially emphasize, because in this way Niskogradnja directly influences an increase in rate birth.

Good balance between working and free time, observing holidays, both religious and national, vacations, etc.

In addition to respect for human rights, working standards and labour law, the company is also mindful of the elements of protection of the environment and ecological stability and runs the policy of sustainable development.

This also includes fighting corruption, as an important problem of development of the society.