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Niskogradnja doo was founded in 1990. The main activity of the company includes performing construction works in the fields of civil engineering construction, hydraulic construction and building construction. The current staff of company Niskogradnja is 600-650 of workers of all profiles who work on a full-time basis, namely: engineers, economists, surveyors, traffic engineers, asphalters, lawyers, accountants, drivers, construction machine operators, mechanics, electricians, welders and other construction professionals and professionals of other profiles. Company Niskogradnja is registered in Laktasi Municipality and has a registered office in Banja Luka.

Mr. Ljubomir Ćubić is the founder, owner and the managing director of Company Niskogradnja doo. By founding the Company Niskogradnja doo, director Ćubić consolidated his experience of many years and the knowledge that he gained while working for companies “Una” Bos.Dubica, “Kozaraputevi” Banjaluka, “Vrbas” Laktaši, as well as in Company “Adriakop” Rijeka, where he was a managing director for several years.

The initial phase, registration and organization of the Company, was very soon followed by the investment in its own vehicle fleet, that is to say, a complete and state-of-the art machinery, and by starting the plants, i.e. concrete and asphalt plants, separation plant, quarry and own laboratory. Hiring was performed on a daily basis; the new employees signed employment contracts for indefinite period of time, with all the prescribed legal provisions.

The employees are the biggest value of our company. They are those who contribute the most to the success and prosperity of Niskogradnja, which, in turn, takes care of them by providing different incentives and rewards and by investing in education for specific sectors in the company. With their engagement in collective and team work, business-oriented and positively motivated, the workers show their utter professionalism and build fair relations with the clients.

Niskogradnja is currently a giant in its field, with numerous recognitions and awards received both locally and in the world that testify of its successful operation. The investors who proved to have rightly entrusted Niskogradnja with construction of their structures include: The Republic Roads Directorate, European Investment Bank, Hidroelektrane na Drini Višegrad, Vodovod ad Banjaluka, KP Budućnost ad Laktaši, ZP Elektrokrajina ad Banjaluka, the Republic of Srpska Government, Municipalities Banjaluka, Laktaši, Gradiška, Dubica, Srbac, Čelinac, Kneževo..

The confidence that we enjoy professionally is based on the fact that we can prove both to our present and future clients that we perform all the works in our fields in a quality manner and on time, while observing laws and regulations. Our plans are connected with the future development of the company as well as with participation in public tenders in the countries of the region and wider.

In the current market and economic circumstances, keeping the pace with the contemporary achievements in science and technology, Niskogradnja doo has a tendency to develop new business ideas and innovative projects. It employs an experienced team of expert engineers and technical staff and is open for cooperation.

Constantly researching the market and keeping pace with the world standards helps the company meet the clients’ needs, leading to successful development of the company and reflecting in its modern organization and winning references in the field of construction operations. Something that sets Niskogradnja apart as a construction company is especially the fact that it manages to bring the works to the final stage within the set deadlines without a need to hire any contractors.

Which are our activities?

Currently, Niskogradnja can provide all sorts of works in construction in the fields of civil engineering construction, hydraulic construction and building construction, and has its own production of construction material in its plants.

In addition to its main activity of operations in construction, Niskogradnja has widen the range of its business activities, by opening the Niskogradanja gas station on Banja Luka – Laktasi trunk road in 1999, and then in 2002 by embarking in tourism business by opening the “Hotel Ćubić”- Glamočani and in 2007 “Motel Ćubić” - Srbac.

All three segments function as business units of Niskogradnja doo Laktaši.

We will state some of the activities of company Niskogradnja:

  • engineering, contracting and development of design documentation for structures in civil engineering construction, hydraulic construction and building construction;
  • designing and building, and maintenance of roads of all categories as well as of civil engineering structures
  • building of bridges, culverts, viaducts and aqueducts;
  • building of watercourses, sewage works, drainage and retaining walls;
  • digging the pit in mines, regulation of watercourses;
  • designing and carrying out all works in the fields of building construction and building all related structures (residential, business, etc.)
  • construction works in water supply
  • construction works in telecommunications
  • construction works in health sector
  • production and sale of all sorts of concrete
  • production and sale of all sorts of asphalt
  • production and sale of natural and crushed separated gravel of all fractions
  • production and sale of construction stone-diabase of all fractions
  • maintenance of the machines and construction equipment
  • tourist and hospitality industry services
  • transport of fuel and construction material, wholesale and retail of oil

Better way

During twenty years of our existence we have made our contribution to building a better environment. This implies a big responsibility. Niskogradanja performs all works in the best possible way, turning its conceptual designs and ideas into an action and product. We are a company that focuses on its clients, fully dedicated to everything that we do, with a reputation of big projects that are behind us and of those that await us in the future.

Investment in research, innovations and creating better solutions for our clients are the guiding light for the success of us who work in Niskogradnja as well as for the future generations with whom we will share our experiences. Making a difference in construction, with different solutions, the company is always in a quest for better ways, resulting in sustainable competitiveness and satisfaction of our clients.

Niskogradnja has an independent ownership structure, which gives the sense confidence and stability; it sets the needs of its clients and the business imperatives of its domain as its priority.  Last, but not the least, we pay much attention to thinking about our decisions on business priorities, that are crucial both for the company and the society in general. Niskogradnja, as a member of the society, influences the lives of many peoples through its projects, by building imposing structures and compositions of social and political importance. Shaping of future constructions, especially in the area in which we live – is one of the greatest challenges for Niskogradnja. In this sense we are looking forward to new victories that are ahead of us.

Better infrastructure...

Highway engineering is the key part of Niskogradnja’s infrastructure. With their integrated approach to the main urban strategies and the master plan in general, our designers are working on very ambitious projects and on some of the major high profile works.

Highway and the public design make an important part of recognizable Niskogradnja’s projects. We continue designing highways and related infrastructure in a wide range of sectors for public and private clients. We are able to apply appropriate skills to the right projects, using the experience and expertise of our team, including the licensed design and consultation engineers who provide their advice on time and consistently at high level.

Upon receiving the project landmarks, we recognize that the highways and streets as well as the related infrastructure are an important part of the public domain. Designs that are delivered differ to a large extent in terms of size, from small local infrastructure to the whole highway masterplan, with backbones for a town or a region. We are equally included in all phases of a project’s life, from planning, designing through feasibility studies for a new scheme, through designing and construction by different stages, to the delivery to the client of complete, fully finished infrastructure or construction.

Thanks to the experience that we have, we have become experts for designing, construction and maintenance of bridges, tunnels and viaducts. Based on the knowledge of the designing process, along with our experience in this domain, we ensure that practical infrastructure solutions, that closely correspond to the wishes of our clients, are delivered to them.

Using the latest techniques and high quality construction material, we build confidence which is a key element for our clients. We have built and gained a reputation for professional engineering skills and creativity in many building construction projects. We have also developed strong business relations with public institutions and many leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider.  We have been successful in a big number of projects both of social and private importance for the clients in public and private sectors.