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  • Niskogradnja d.o.o.
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The name itself Niskogradnja (Civil Engineering Construction) speaks for itself. The construction engineers of Niskogradnja perform works on the structures near the ground itself, and these are the main and the side streets, roads of different importance, highways, interchanges, and development of parks and access roads, arranging the backyards and development of the exterior around the public, economic and religious buildings.

In addition to the above, Niskogradnja is also engaged in summer and winter maintenance of trunk and regional roads, which implies repair of damages on carriageway and body of the road, road structures and equipment, and cleaning the carriageway and snow deposits in the winter time.

It is noteworthy that our company has been engaged in construction operations for more than twenty years, and has a huge experience in construction of roads of all types, as well as of the main and supporting civil engineering structures. With the latest technology and mechanization, high quality construction material, all supported with construction experience and knowledge of professional staff, every problem that a client of Niskogradnja may have presents a big challenge and will be solved on time and in the best possible manner. Structures such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, dams, and other dimensions are also built with the help of contractors.

On 19 October 2010 Niskogradnja received the license from the Ministry for Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology evidencing that it complies with the conditions for development of technical documentation for the structures of civil engineering, hydraulic and building construction.

Being mindful of the protection of the environment has always been our motto and we abide by the moral rules and rules of nature. It is only in this way that we can preserve our plant and leave it for the generations to come.

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